Natalia Botanicals adaptogen elixirs and healthy treats were born out of my own personal gut health struggles and the pressure of working in a high-stress environment. In addition to my deep passion for connecting with nature, exploring plant medicine and sharing my experiences to help others on their own personal health journey ignited my desire to further my knowledge of synergistic healing through nutrition, mind, breath, body and spiritual awareness.

In 2014, I began studying the healing power of adaptogens and plant-based foods with medicinal properties to treat my Ulcerative Colitis and anxiety holistically. These ancient wisdoms have been used for their calming and restorative powers for thousands of years and my passion has become my purpose to continue to spread awareness.


a range of healthful, healing adaptogens AND HEALTHY TREATS


Combined with a fresh and natural plant-based diet, I began alchemising adaptogens to regain my energy, nourish my adrenals and soothe my gut. As I personally experienced a radical shift in my gut, mind, body and spirit, I decided to create a range of healthful, healing elixirs that could be added to all kinds of foods. Whether it’s sprinkled into some delicious herbal tea, blended into a green smoothie, or added to your favourite GF cupcake recipe, there’s no end to the creative ways you can enjoy the benefits of Natalia Botanicals adaptogens.

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