AdAptogen elixirs  

Ancient Adaptogen Wisdom for Your Modern Life

Natalia Botanicals Adaptogen Elixirs are inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda. Each of the blends carefully combine the healing powers of the world’s most potent superherbs and mushrooms, in order to bring balance to your entire being.

Our Elixirs are intentionally crafted with the highest quality adaptogenic herbs, roots, and mushrooms to gently yet powerfully support your body. Whether you are seeking to elevate your mood, balance your hormones, nourish your adrenals, improve your sleep, or enhance your hair and skin health, there is an Adaptogen Elixir for you.

When founder Natalia began alchemising adaptogens to regain her energy, nourish her adrenals and soothe her gut, she experienced a radical shift her mind, body and spirit. This profound personal experience led her to create a line of healthful, healing elixirs that could be easily added into any routine. Whether sprinkled into some delicious herbal tea, blended into a green smoothie, or added to your favourite GF cupcake recipe, there’s no end to the creative ways you can enjoy the benefits of Natalia Botanicals Adaptogen Elixirs. 


a range of healthful, healing adaptogen Blends 

ABOUT Natalia

Natalia Botanicals adaptogen elixirs were born out of Natalia’s own personal gut health struggles and the pressure of working in a high-stress environment. She experienced the potent healing powers of adaptogens in her own life, and was inspired by a desire to use her experiences to help others on their own healing journeys.

In addition to her deep passion for connecting with nature and exploring plant medicine, her own health struggles ignited her desire to further her knowledge of synergistic healing through nutrition, mind, breath, body and spiritual awareness. In 2014, she began studying the healing power of adaptogens and the medicinal properties of plant-based foods to holistically treat her Ulcerative Colitis and anxiety. Thus her passion became her purpose, to spread awareness of these ancient wisdoms that have been used for their restorative healing powers for thousands of years.