Natalia has a true passion for learning, sharing and radiating the ways to effortlessly integrate ancient knowledge with a modern lifestyle. Natalia offers personalised advice on adaptogens, hosts corporate and at-home workshops, makes delicious adaptogenic sweet treats and holds health food tours at Whole Foods upon request. She has crossed paths and offered her energy and attention to many over the past 10 years.
“Natalia makes the most lush treats that not only taste delicious, but are full of goodness and free of refined sugars. I’m always excited anytime I see she is catering for events because I know I’m in for a treat. Equally, her adaptogen blends that incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda, have been a powerful addition to my health toolkit, ensuring I keep on top of my wellbeing as a busy entrepreneur.” Amy Rushworth

Health and Life Coach

“I love Natalia’s treats, they are pure pleasure to eat! Both visually and taste! I love knowing they’re packed full of ingredients that support my body too. Delish!” Zoe Swan

Wellness Coach and Lawyer

“I’m loving the elixirs! I was having night sweats and although this sounds crazy, I thought I was starting to go through menopause. I noticed a difference after a week of taking Eternal Optimist and Full Circle. The night sweats have stopped and this is the first month I haven’t had my period two weeks early. I haven’t changed my diet or done anything else differently and my sleep has increased from 3 hours a night to 5 hours a night, which is a big deal as I have struggled with poor sleep for 16 years. I honestly think my sleep has improved since using the adaptogens daily. I’ll definitely be trying more in the range.” Claire Rowat


“I met Natalia at a coffee afternoon which she hosted for myself and family members. It was great to hear her story and learn more about adaptogens, she was also super friendly and very easy to talk to. The live cooking demonstration showed just how easy it is to eat a clean diet without spending hours in the kitchen, but the star of the show were Natalia’s sweet treats! They looked and tasted absolutely amazing, they truly satisfied my sweet tooth! I spoke to Natalia about my health concerns, where she offered advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes and created a Custom Blend of adaptogens tailored to my needs. Natalia really helped me to make a change and I will definitely be ordering from her again!” Aiysha L


“Natalia has been a true inspiration to me. My daughter has severe eczema/food intolerances and Natalia has shown me positive ways to introduce healthy alternatives and follow a natural way of life to benefit the whole family. Not only with specific herbal remedies but also with unique healthy recipes for everyday eating and especially sweet treats without using refined sugar. Her positive outlook on life is magnetic and I would definitely recommend her adaptogens and treats. Natalia explained her own health troubles and the ways in which she self-healed shows it is possible to make small changes to help any ailment. It was a great starting point for me which I was trying to find things which could help me daughter. I began to understand that all ailments start from the gut and hence I cannot recommend Natalia enough.” Nisha Lakhani


“I love all of Natalia’s products. Her treats are divine! You can tell how passionate and knowledgeable she is about her craft, as it shines through in every flavour as well as the presentation. I use her Adaptogen blends every day as they are a great addition to my hot drinks and are perfectly balanced so you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. I highly recommend her services.” Gina Torres

Yoga Teacher and DJ

“I loved the design of the jars, but I love the product even more! Rise & Shine helps me to start my day right and I will definitely be purchasing more for my family too.” Simon R


“Natalia is such an empathetic woman and she really transmits that powerful energy of love and care with her adaptogens and treats. I use Gut-Brain daily and think of her each time. She has experienced poor digestive health herself and has the understanding to relate to others to help them. I’m very grateful to have met her and use her inspiring advice daily.” Patricia C


“To be honest, I was quite sceptical when I started taking my Custom Blend adaptogens but I started feeling a difference almost immediately. I was calmer, felt stronger, more active with a spring in my step. People also noticed a difference within a couple of weeks. My friends asked “What are you doing differently?”, “Your skin looks amazing!”. I also remember my hairdresser commenting that she has never seen my hair in such good condition as it seemed much thicker than usual. I highly recommend Natalia’s adaptogens and what’s great is that Custom Blend is tailored specifically for you.” Karishma Mohindra

Programme Manager

“I first came across Natalia through her Instagram page and was intrigued by her adaptogens and healthy sweet treats. She was so friendly and welcoming when I contacted her to arrange a personalised health tour of Whole Foods, Kensington. We discussed how to be mindful when choosing pre-packed foods, which beneficial ingredients to look out for and the ingredients to be avoided. I learnt about healthy alternatives to my favourite sweet and savoury snacks. We have kept in touch after the Whole Foods tour and she is also sending me homemade recipes which are packed with nutrients. I purchased a tailored jar of adaptogens – Custom Blend, which include superherbs and mushrooms to increase my immunity and energy as a mum of two. Natalia is such a genuine person and her knowledge of nutrition is amazing.” Sonia M

Primary School Teacher

“After finally getting my hands on my Natalia Botanicals elixir, I can confirm that it is truly magical. I chose Rise & Shine because like most working adults, no matter how early or long I sleep I would still wake up extremely lethargic. This blend has been life changing for me as I no longer have coffee cravings or blood sugar dips at 3pm! A tiny amount goes a long way and the smell is so comforting. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s the prettiest jar in my pantry! With Christmas around the corner, I’ll definitely be ordering a few jars for friends and family. I’m so excited to try the rest of the range.” Tehreema Jaffar


“I was experiencing sleep issues and severe bloating and had tried various other remedies over 6-8 months, but nothing was helping. Luckily, my yoga instructor put me in touch with Natalia and I ordered Natalia’s healing Turmeric Tonic and the Full Circle adaptogens 10 weeks ago. After the first week of taking the Tonic and the blend, I could feel and notice a difference. My sleep improved and the bloating gradually reduced over the course of 3-4 weeks. I wake up feeling refreshed and have lots more energy.” Indu Varsani

Finance Assistant

“We love Natalia’s treats, they are so delicious and full of goodness and her adaptogens are beautiful!” Andi and Kim

Founders of AK Fit Club

“Being a young adult in today’s society, I found myself suffering from severe anxiety which would trigger IBS symptoms and impact my overall wellbeing. Discovering Natalia Botanicals has honestly been life-changing. Natalia’s personal history with Inflammatory Bowel Disease reassured me that her adaptogen blends would give me some digestive relief. I have been using Gut Brain in my morning green juice, afternoon tea and evening meals on most days. Not only has this blend helped my mood and gut health, it has also improved my acne-prone skin and reduced my breakouts. I will be forever grateful to Natalia.” Shanice N

Architect Student